Well, I love robotics and how Machine Learning & AI can be applied to this thing, always seek to learn new stuff from quantum computing, space🌌, robotics 🤖 to the latest research in AI.

My mission is to introduce AI in space & astronomy that completely opens new universe of possibilities.

I have been Machine learning since more than a year, and currently, making all sorts of projects and products with Machine learning, Deep Learning, computer vision, Deep Reinforcement Learning and possibly Natural Language Processing, and of course, deploying them into the cloud for the world

I started programming way back when I was 14, playing with electronics and micro-controllers including Arduino, Raspberry PI, servo, LED 💡, and much more. Then it was time to upgrade, so I started learning Python and there was a lot of fun to learn a new programming language, I started learning Machine Learning way back when I was 15 years old, with Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and little Reinforcement Learning.

Currently, I have been working as Machine Learning Teaching Assistant @ Zero to Mastery .  Helping students who are just getting started into Machine Learning & AI.

Learn To Code. Get Hired. | Zero To Mastery
Join 300,000+ students learning to code JavaScript, React, Python, CSS, HTML, Machine Learning, Data Science and more from world class instructors and getting hired and succeeding at top tier companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, IBM.

My current goals are to learn the latest advancement in Machine Learning and learn Deep Reinforcement Learning at the end of this year.

My stuff is all around here and there in this website,

My blogs and writing are available on Medium  

@Shubhamai  is my handle on Twitter

India is my home country and i am proud of that.