Coronavirus🦠 EDA & Future Predictions📆
Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from Novel Corona Virus 2019 Dataset


The dataset was taken from this Kaggle Dataset

I got a lot of insights from the Data Exploration about corona virus spread. There was a lot of data cleaning applied. Make tools were use including

  • Matplotlib — For Data Visualisations
  • Plotly — For Interactive Data Visualisations

Facebook Prophet

For Predicting Future Cases, i was facebook prophet.

Hold on. What is Facebook's Prophet ?

So, Facebook's  Prophet is a Open Sourced Python library that is using for time series analysis and for making future predictions with it. It using various different techniques for predictions future.   I was easy to get started so i implement it in one of the countries to predict future cases.  

At last i was a lot of fun and many people actually fork it in their own project and i also got a bronze medal from that notebook 😄.

Yeh, so i think that's all. The whole code is open sourced and is linked below the title of the page.