I think that there is no true taste of Artificial Intelligence without Deep Reinforcement Learning — Shubham Gupta

A Small Introduction🤪

Deep Reinforcement Learning is just like another way in which a computer learns. It’s a whole new chapter 📕of Artificial Intelligence, we see how computer involves and learn in its own way without any human interfere or interactions and come up with great ideas that even surprise humans.

Take the example of the latest research from Google DeepMind. They make an environment with multi-agent playing hide and seek and shows so intelligent behaviors and it even surprised researchers.

Sure to check this video. This video is from OpenAI showing intelligent behaviors from the agents. Sure to check out. 👍👍

Let’s get started with free resources 💛💛

[CS285 Fall 2019](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkFD6_40KJIwhWJpGazJ9VSj9CFMkb79A) - This youtube playlist contains a gentle introduction of Reinforcement Learning. Nice content and good videos from university.

[Reinforcement Learning Course](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELE2_Mftqoc&t=9771s) - This single video is from freecodecamp youtube channel that teaches about porgramming of Reinforcement Learining with Python(Of course!) programming language. 🐍

[Introduction to Reinforcement Learning](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqYmG7hTraZDM-OYHWgPebj2MfCFzFObQ) - This youtube playlist is from [DeepMind ](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP7jMXSY2xbc3KCAE0MHQ-A)youtube channel. Very excellent videos and content. Sure to check out. 😊

[Reinforcement Learning — Introducing Goal Oriented Intelligence](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyjbcRQ-uQ8&list=PLZbbT5o_s2xoWNVdDudn51XM8lOuZ_Njv) :- This is again a youtube playlist form [deeplizard](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4UJ26WkceqONNF5S26OiVw) youtube channel of Reinforcment Learning and also Deep Reinforcement Learinng

This is something I like very much 😍😍

[This](https://simoninithomas.github.io/Deep_reinforcement_learning_Course/) is a full course for free from [simoninithomas](https://github.com/simoninithomas). This is very excellent course and very nice videos. This course contain Deep Reinforcement Learinng 🤖🤖 with tensorflow and pytorch.

Some of the paid course 💰💰

This is [Become a Deep Reinforcement Learning Expert](https://www.udacity.com/course/deep-reinforcement-learning-nanodegree--nd893) from Udacity. Very awesome *nanodegree* with all topics covered. But very paid course. 💲💲

This [Reinforcement Learning Specialization](https://www.coursera.org/specializations/reinforcement-learning) from coursera is also very good course. I have not reviewed this course, but course ratings are nice, so i just post it. 😁