This is the journey of 3 weeks of getting Tensorflow Developer Certified from Official Tensorflow Developer Certificate Program .  

It was a very fun journey to be truthful and what i learned in this journey can't be listed here. And if you really want it it's below

Also, i made a complete documentary of this journey on notion

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If you don't know what tensorflow is, it's a open source library from google which is for numerical computing and it's also highly used for Machine Learning because of it's another tool called keras that is used for making Machine Learning Models.

Tensorflow Developer Certification ?

So, as you have gussed, Tensorflow Developer Certification is a certification programming from Tensorflow. This certification demonstrates that you have the foundational skills for using Tensorflow for Machine Learning and you can also showcase it to your employers.

The Resources

The Main Resource I took for this was a course from Coursera

TensorFlow in Practice
Offered by Discover the tools software developers use to build scalable AI-powered algorithms in TensorFlow, a popular open-source machine learning framework. In this four-course Specialization, you’ll explore exciting opportunities for AI applications. Begin by developing an under…

This is the most relevent course for the exam and it's highly recommended if you also want to do the test!

This course will give you the foundational skills of using Tensorflow in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and in Time Series Analysis.

And even got a certificate from the coursera.

The certificate for complete their first course from the complete specilization


At the end, many many new things i learned and i also actually inspired for doing more weeks projects like this, the same i have done in Object Detection with Detection2 .



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